How Using Promotional Items Can Increase Your Direct Mail Response Rates By 50%

You may have heard that direct mail marketing is dying, and that marketing is shifting more towards an online presence.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, you may believe the direct mail packages you send never get read.  As a company, how do you really know your prospects are responding to your direct mail pieces?

This can be a daunting thought, but thanks to effective marketing research, you’ll be able to reach yearly goals by using innovative mail outs.  Creating attention in your direct mail campaign is important to successful response rates.

With a little creativity, you can make sure that your packages get well-deserved attention from your prospects.  An effective way to create positive attention is by using promotional items.

According to the Silver Marketing Group, a survey was conducted to study the success rate of direct mail promotional products.  The research involved 1,482 businesses that were mailed just a sales letter, compared to a sales letter that came with a promotional item.  It turned out that the direct mail promotional item tactic boosted response rates by 50%!

Why Use Direct Mail Promotional Items?

By using direct mail promotional products, it will bring a sense of value to your prospects.  For instance, your target market always wants to know “How will this help me?”  Your prospects are more likely to respond if it is of value to them.  In addition, direct mail promotional items help build your brand effectively.

When you offer free gifts with your logo that includes your business information, it allows you to promote and advertise effectively. As you may know, everyone likes to receive gifts, because it makes them feel special.  A valuable way of marketing indeed, this method gives you a better chance to land clients.  Your prospects will see that it is a useful item, and will want to keep it for future reference.

If, for example, you were to see print ads from a store, you probably wouldn’t pay much attention to them—but with direct mail promotional gifts, it’s more personal, and your prospects would want to keep the gift for the long haul.

By sending a promotional gift with your address, phone number, email, Web link, and your name, your prospects will remember you—and your gift!  If you really think about what direct mail costs in advertisement, it’s a very low investment.

A direct mail promotional item will provide increased ROI with minimum spending, as it may cost you less than a dollar to purchase a promotional gift.   With low a cost, you’ll be able to reach out to hundreds of prospects, and you can be sure to receive a good amount of responses.

What is the best way to use Direct Mail Promotional Products?

One of the ways you can use promotional items is by using it as an incentive.  For instance, if you assured your prospect a valuable gift such as a key chain, they will respect that, and will be more willing to respond to the mailing.  By using this strategy, you can save money by just sending the item to appropriate prospects that are more likely to buy from you.

In addition, promotional items will help response rates, as it will get prospects interested in opening the direct mail package.  Wouldn’t you be curious to see what’s inside a bulky package?  Your prospects will be more likely to open a peculiar shaped package compared to a plain, white, #10 envelope.

Everyone loves mystery, and curiosity sparks interest.  Once they open the package, the chances of them reading the sales letter are high.  The fact that you use direct mail promotional items is a unique method that will set you apart from the typical marketing crowd.

Your prospects will keep your gift in mind, and in the process, remember what you are about.  Whether it’s a magnet, keychain, pen, or any other gift, it’s vital to attract attention to reel in your prospects, as this will lead to increased ROI.

How to Measure Success with Direct Mail Promotional Items

You can test your direct mail promotion item campaign by trying a variety of products to see what works best.  Success can be measured by the amount of response rates you will receive from the different promotional items you mail out.  This will help you determine what specific promotional items will be used for your upcoming campaign.

Combining a sales letter with a direct promotional product is great marketing that will lead to increased ROI and enormous success.  Are you ready for better response rates?

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