The Secret to Selling Supplements Online: 3 Tricks to Put You Ahead of The Game

As a nutritional marketer, providing valuable supplements plays an integral part in boosting sales.  Though you may have consistently used offline marketing approaches, selling supplements online can bring new results to your business.  Here are three tips to successfully increase your revenue:

  • Target the right audience-It’s important to focus on certain aspects of your audience.  For instance, you can concentrate on gender, age, demographics, or type of supplement.  If you wanted to specialize in selling mass builders for males in their 20s, for example, you could sell to that audience and become an expert.  After you start earning a track record, you can focus on another demographic to spread your horizons.


  • Create an Ecommerce Platform-Since you are providing online business, you’ll need valuable software for an effective web presence. If you can provide an “autoship feature”, which helps customers re-order consistently, you’ll increase profit output while keeping clients satisfied.


  • Great Online Web Supply-You can easily ship your stock by using a shopping cart software. This will help speed up delivery, result in happy customers, and lead to repeated business.


There you have it.  These are three easy ways to put you ahead of the pack.  With a web platform, you’ll deviate from traditional selling, and experience change-of-pace marketing.  If you are ready for an online presence, then this strategy could be right for you.  After all, what do you have to lose?

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5 Online Marketing Tips for Selling Nutritional Supplements

With more consumers becoming more health-conscious, having the right online marketing plan is essential for business success. Though there are numerous ways to market your supplements, here are a few tips to sell products online.
1) Generate a Real Supplement-Many companies claim their product is natural, when in fact; it may be filled with fillers, or involved with amino spiking. Once your customers find out, your trust is out the window, and you’ll find your business shutting down quickly. Honesty pays off, and if you want to have long-term success, it’s best to play by the rules.

2) Create a Renewing Order System-If you have a way for your current customers to renew your order, you’ll be able to make more money. This will allow consumers to receive their product when they want, and they’ll keep coming back for more orders, thus increasing your overall profit output.

3) Always have your Products Ready-You should always have your products in stock, and have an adequate amount of products ready to ship. This will help increase sales, and allow you to make changes with inventory if need be.

4) Send a FREE Product-The try before you buy system works, and sending a FREE sample to your customers will give them the opportunity to experience your product. If they like your products, they will be inclined to purchase, and eventually become a renew-order client. This is what you want for reduced sales’ cycles.

5) Try Having an Eye-Catching Delivery Package-When a product is sent to your customer, think about having an alluring look to your package. This can make a big difference in the way a client sees your company and products, and in turn, help you experience a nice return on your investment.

While these tips may seem ordinary and cliché, keeping track of every aspect matters. You must give your client reason to believe that their health matters. If you go the extra mile in your marketing plan, you’ll reap the rewards—and this includes extra cash in your pocket.

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How Using Promotional Items Can Increase Your Direct Mail Response Rates By 50%

You may have heard that direct mail marketing is dying, and that marketing is shifting more towards an online presence.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  In fact, you may believe the direct mail packages you send never get read.  As a company, how do you really know your prospects are responding to your direct mail pieces?

This can be a daunting thought, but thanks to effective marketing research, you’ll be able to reach yearly goals by using innovative mail outs.  Creating attention in your direct mail campaign is important to successful response rates.

With a little creativity, you can make sure that your packages get well-deserved attention from your prospects.  An effective way to create positive attention is by using promotional items.

According to the Silver Marketing Group, a survey was conducted to study the success rate of direct mail promotional products.  The research involved 1,482 businesses that were mailed just a sales letter, compared to a sales letter that came with a promotional item.  It turned out that the direct mail promotional item tactic boosted response rates by 50%!

Why Use Direct Mail Promotional Items?

By using direct mail promotional products, it will bring a sense of value to your prospects.  For instance, your target market always wants to know “How will this help me?”  Your prospects are more likely to respond if it is of value to them.  In addition, direct mail promotional items help build your brand effectively.

When you offer free gifts with your logo that includes your business information, it allows you to promote and advertise effectively. As you may know, everyone likes to receive gifts, because it makes them feel special.  A valuable way of marketing indeed, this method gives you a better chance to land clients.  Your prospects will see that it is a useful item, and will want to keep it for future reference.

If, for example, you were to see print ads from a store, you probably wouldn’t pay much attention to them—but with direct mail promotional gifts, it’s more personal, and your prospects would want to keep the gift for the long haul.

By sending a promotional gift with your address, phone number, email, Web link, and your name, your prospects will remember you—and your gift!  If you really think about what direct mail costs in advertisement, it’s a very low investment.

A direct mail promotional item will provide increased ROI with minimum spending, as it may cost you less than a dollar to purchase a promotional gift.   With low a cost, you’ll be able to reach out to hundreds of prospects, and you can be sure to receive a good amount of responses.

What is the best way to use Direct Mail Promotional Products?

One of the ways you can use promotional items is by using it as an incentive.  For instance, if you assured your prospect a valuable gift such as a key chain, they will respect that, and will be more willing to respond to the mailing.  By using this strategy, you can save money by just sending the item to appropriate prospects that are more likely to buy from you.

In addition, promotional items will help response rates, as it will get prospects interested in opening the direct mail package.  Wouldn’t you be curious to see what’s inside a bulky package?  Your prospects will be more likely to open a peculiar shaped package compared to a plain, white, #10 envelope.

Everyone loves mystery, and curiosity sparks interest.  Once they open the package, the chances of them reading the sales letter are high.  The fact that you use direct mail promotional items is a unique method that will set you apart from the typical marketing crowd.

Your prospects will keep your gift in mind, and in the process, remember what you are about.  Whether it’s a magnet, keychain, pen, or any other gift, it’s vital to attract attention to reel in your prospects, as this will lead to increased ROI.

How to Measure Success with Direct Mail Promotional Items

You can test your direct mail promotion item campaign by trying a variety of products to see what works best.  Success can be measured by the amount of response rates you will receive from the different promotional items you mail out.  This will help you determine what specific promotional items will be used for your upcoming campaign.

Combining a sales letter with a direct promotional product is great marketing that will lead to increased ROI and enormous success.  Are you ready for better response rates?

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How to Launch a Winning Marketing Formula

Creating an effective marketing plan can be difficult. Effective and precise planning is a key component for optimal success.  Failure to have a well thought out plan could lead to unwanted sales results.  As a matter of fact, there are a few painful displeasures that marketers may face if not prepared.  For instance, 92 percent of marketers feel they are continuously changing directions when it comes to their marketing.  In addition, 86 percent feel they don’t have the necessary support from their marketing teams to allow success, and 85 percent stated they struggled to implement a valuable campaign.

To successfully execute a marketing plan, you need a helpful system for each marketing scheme to bring fast results.  If you are implementing content marketing, lead generation, or email marketing, each strategy must be tailored to its own goals to increase ROI(return on investment).  In order to produce a successful marketing plan, you need to have a clear-cut process lined out from start to finish.

Here’s a look at a solid process to bring you quality results:

-Select your target audience (Who are you trying to reach?)

-Develop your goals and Key Performance Indicators:  What do you want to achieve, and how are you going to measure your level of success?

-What are you going to offer to spark their interest?

-Find your channel:  What media, online, or social networking sites will you be promoting to create an enticing offer?

-Generate a valuable landing page:  How do you get your customer to take action?

-Keep track of your results:  How can you measure results?

Select your target audience

It is important to find out the “who”, which is your target audience, and in what form you’ll be able to reach this audience.  For instance, if you offer a couple of services such as say, consulting, and Web design, you’ll have to find out which audience you’ll be looking to aim for.  The most effective way to reach this audience is to comprehend their challenges, and to find solutions to better suit your prospect’s needs.  In addition, finding the appropriate buyer persona will align you to adapt your messages to their specific needs.  A buyer person is a depiction of your ideal customer based on real research that can include demographics, thought process, goals, and motivational factors.

Develop your goals and Key Performance Indicators

 There are a variety of outcomes that come from valuable marketing campaigns that can include visibility leads, sales, or visitors.  The objective here is to find a primary purpose, and set goals or key performance indicators that will allow you to see how your campaign is performing.  This will help you readjust your strategies, and help provide you with a better end result.  If, for instance, you are concentrating on lead generation, what would be the total amount of leads to generate, and how will you measure successful results?

Create an Enticing Offer

During your marketing campaign, it is imperative to offer a quality piece of content, a free white paper, free webinar, or something related to your brand.  The offers must pertain to the buyers or prospects to gain their attention, and eventually win them over. It might be better to keep it short and simple when promoting your offer.  For instance, a prospect may not be interested in reading a 20-page free white paper.

Find the right marketing channel

 You can have all the knowledge in the world, but not messaging it to the right channels could end in a disastrous campaign.  It is important to identify the appropriate marketing channels for a better success rate.  Some of the media platforms that are ideal include:

-Social media outlets


-Web sites


-Search Engines


Having the right channels and strategy is vital for optimal sales growth.  Channel relates to the style of communication, and social media strategy pertains to the way you share communication through these social media outlets.

Create a Valuable Landing Page

As you pay for advertising, generating a targeted landing page for each campaign helps your visitor concentrate on their goals and desires.  It is important to make sure your landing page is in line with your ad in content and design so your prospect feels a connection, and a need to sign up for the offer.  Here are few ways that your landing page can stand out from the crowd:

-Build trust

-Conquer objections

-Provide Proof

-Lead the visitor to your call to action

Measure Results

 Your results can be measured by the outcome of your sales or leads.  In general, you can measure goals by cost per lead, or how you spend the money on lead generation.  You can also track your results by marketing efforts and closed deals by using marketing software.  One of the most effective ways to measure your results in a quality marketing campaign is by asking the following questions:

-Was your target audience satisfied with the offer?  If they weren’t satisfied, what you can do to alter the offer?

-What can you do to change the next campaign?

-Were you able to meet your goals?  Why or Why not?

-What were the learning experiences you learned to apply for the next campaign?

Establishing a quality marketing plan is not something you do overnight.  It takes determination, persistence, and the right planning.  Are you ready to boost ROI?


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5 tactics to make your business unique

As a service business, creating a unique identity can be challenging.  It is important to use your strengths as a company, and to do it to the best of your ability. Adding value to your company and displaying a unique perspective will help overpower your competition.  Here are 5 sure ways to make your business unique:

*Focus on your target market- If you can focus on a specific niche, you’ll be able to focus on the skills that specifically benefit the customer.  By doing this, you will be ahead of your competition, as you’ll provide quality solutions, and eventually, increase profit output.

*Take pride in being able to deliver quality services-This refers to making your customers your number one priority.  From the initial contact, all the way through the finished product, take pride in creating high-quality work.

*Always find solutions-Your job is to be the best problem-solver your client has ever met.  In today’s business world, increasing sales is about what you can do for your client.  If you can find solutions to their problems, you can bet that your client will have faith in you, and in turn, lead to more sales.

*Create enticing offers-It is important to create an intriguing package that creates value to your customers.  For instance, if you are selling supplements, offer a free industry report on the latest trends.

*Be flexible to keep a positive relationship-If you can create flexibility by keeping your email and text available throughout the day, you’ll keep your customer happy—and your client will discover how easy it is to work with you.  The “my way or the highway” strategy is doomed to failure.

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6 Tips for Higher Web site Conversion Rates

-Utilize valuable action-oriented verbs, and do not use “click here.”

-Generate a sense of urgency that will spark people to act quickly rather than later.

-Use a call to action on every page of your site that pertains to the written content on the Web page.

-The offer should always give value to your prospects. You must ask yourself, “how is this content going to benefit my visitors?”

-Use the same call-to-action from your metadescription. This will appear in the search engine, and help searchers browse through your site from quality search engines.

-Utilize different colors with powerful, action verbs to generate call-to-action buttons to boost response.


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Are you enhancing content marketing tactics?

As a nutritional marketing guru, maintaining effective marketing tactics is essential for optimal results.

Creating an effective marketing campaign isn’t easy, but one of the ways to increase effective marketing strategies is by creating valuable content to boost your sales.

Whether it’s trying to enhance brand awareness, increase traffic to your site, or generate leads—understanding your content marketing goals is vital to your success.

You must also understand the content desires of your buyer.  For instance, the three important channels within the marketing funnel of the buyer involve awareness, evaluation, and purchase (in that order). Early on, the buyer will be looking for knowledge and understanding to solve solutions.

What can you do?  Having social media and blog posts are a great way to not only educate the buyer, but keep them up-to-date on current trends within the marketplace.  You can also help buyers find solutions by providing them with webinars and case studies pertaining to natural health and sports nutrition products.  The buyer will then want to purchase, and this is where a free trial or gracious evaluation can do the trick.

Here are 3 ways to enhance your content marketing tactics:

  • Be creative with your content

When providing content, maintaining creative visual images and valuable audio may lead to a greater conversion of sales.  You may want to convert your blog into a presentation.  You can then transfer this over to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

  • Make it visible to your audience

It is essential to know your audience, and find the appropriate online presence of your customers.  You must deliver your content according to your buyer’s needs, and this can also mean a large dose of advertising tailored to your target market.

  • Use a Calendar

Generating a calendar that summarizes content, keywords, call-to-action, and a content delivery strategy will keep you focused on your marketing goals.  You can also demonstrate your calendar with other content experts to help send appropriate content in a timely manner.




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4 Ways to Bolster Social Media Marketing

 We’ve all seen the many fitness marketing techniques that affect our overall sales outlook.  From trade shows to cold calls, we’ve all experienced an array of marketing strategies to get business in the door. 

But are you looking to create a new profit picture to generate leads?  Well, there’s been a recent trend in the marketing world.  This trend will increase your sales and provide the income you’ve always wanted. 

The right social marketing tactic will make your business soar.  With so many people online today, you can create an online presence and form business contacts from all across the globe. 

So what are some ways to bolster your business?  Let’s take a look at some key social media places you can explore.

1) Create a Fitness Facebook Page

This is a magnificent way to boost your fitness business.  Whether you have a personal training studio or you sell health supplements, a facebook page will serve well to reach your target audience. 

It’s important to provide a photo, because it will display your professionalism to your future clients.  Remember in order to get business; you must make your services about them.  You may want to provide weekly articles and tips to keep your prospects wanting more of your expertise.

2) Get a Twitter Fitness Account

This is another marvelous social networking tool to inform your prospects about your current updates.  You can also see what other individuals are tweeting and get to know them to create an effective relationship.

You can get hundreds of leads a day and direct them to your website as well.  This can be a powerful marketing tool to enhance your fitness business.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Press Release

By having a press release in sites such as Ezine and Isnare, you’ll get your name in front of many Web browsers.  These two sites are two of the most popular sites to tout your business.  Public recognition that informs your prospects about your services will open doors. 

During your online press releases, make sure you mention your newly updated services to keep your prospects informed.  The more you keep them updated on how you can help their business, the more likely they are to want your business. 

If you have a new nutritional product that’s being released, you can convey the benefits of using the product in your press release.

4) Become a Linkedin Member 

The best way to have success with Linkedin is to create value with others during the connection process.  Your connections must have complete trust in you and your services. 

Many businesses will try and sell themselves without trying to establish a solid relationship with their prospects.  It is important to not only focus on your product, but having the marketing approach to enhance your business relationships.



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The Customer Focus in Social Media

When launching your business, social media must be in the forefront of your marketing arsenal.  With the increasing rise in social media, it’s imperative to utilize social media effectively.  But it must tie together with your brand.

For example, if you are selling a new supplement, social media can serve as a stage for questions.  Consumers may want to know what your new product will do for them.  As your comment participants grow, your brand will grow. 

By answering customer questions, it will allow your prospects to believe in your product. Social media is a marketing tool, but it is also an avenue to tie in to your consumer tactic.  Social media can also promote your products with paid ads on Facebook or YouTube. 

This gives you a marketing advantage over your competition.  It allows you to promote your product successfully.  There are many communication avenues, but one-third of consumer-related questions are now exchanged through social media. 

We are seeing more customers getting their questions answered online.  At the same time, consumers are getting serviced through these avenues.

This says that companies are meeting customer needs through social media.  By having networks such as Instagram, it conveys images to help connect with consumers. 

These are wonderful image outlets of communication.  When interacting in these outlets, it’s important to personalize your message.  Through an online presence, customers can offer feedback on certain products. 

This allows you to re-adjust your marketing.  You can upload videos of products for your consumers to try.   It is said that 75% of customers who are involved in social media conversations, are more likely to make the purchase.  If you want to increase your ROI, you must first build consumer loyalty.

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Beautiful Blogging: An Integral Part of Consumer Marketing

Discovering effective marketing campaigns is an exciting part of building new business. With the rise of the sports and nutrition industry, it’s important to “stay in the game.”

How can you “stay in the game” with quality marketing?

In the past, marketing was done within the department. In today’s world, social media is a key ingredient when trying to build new business. Online messaging such as blogging allows you to market cheaply.

Connecting with social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter allows for an effective online presence.

How do consumers find their products?

About 80% of consumers have said they have found their products by word of mouth, 79% use search engines, 71% use TV ads, 51% use physical advertisements, 51% use mail ads, and another 41% use web browsing.

This shows that bloggers are being relied on to spread the word about products. You want to have consumers sign up for free offers as an incentive to have them blog.

When they sign up, you can get their information and find out what they typically purchase. This will give you an edge on most consumer-driven companies.

If you can do this consistently, sales for your company will increase. You can also give bloggers other incentives such as promotional items.  With an online presence, consumers will be impressed by your ability to meet their needs.

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