How to Launch a Winning Marketing Formula

Creating an effective marketing plan can be difficult. Effective and precise planning is a key component for optimal success.  Failure to have a well thought out plan could lead to unwanted sales results.  As a matter of fact, there are a few painful displeasures that marketers may face if not prepared.  For instance, 92 percent of marketers feel they are continuously changing directions when it comes to their marketing.  In addition, 86 percent feel they don’t have the necessary support from their marketing teams to allow success, and 85 percent stated they struggled to implement a valuable campaign.

To successfully execute a marketing plan, you need a helpful system for each marketing scheme to bring fast results.  If you are implementing content marketing, lead generation, or email marketing, each strategy must be tailored to its own goals to increase ROI(return on investment).  In order to produce a successful marketing plan, you need to have a clear-cut process lined out from start to finish.

Here’s a look at a solid process to bring you quality results:

-Select your target audience (Who are you trying to reach?)

-Develop your goals and Key Performance Indicators:  What do you want to achieve, and how are you going to measure your level of success?

-What are you going to offer to spark their interest?

-Find your channel:  What media, online, or social networking sites will you be promoting to create an enticing offer?

-Generate a valuable landing page:  How do you get your customer to take action?

-Keep track of your results:  How can you measure results?

Select your target audience

It is important to find out the “who”, which is your target audience, and in what form you’ll be able to reach this audience.  For instance, if you offer a couple of services such as say, consulting, and Web design, you’ll have to find out which audience you’ll be looking to aim for.  The most effective way to reach this audience is to comprehend their challenges, and to find solutions to better suit your prospect’s needs.  In addition, finding the appropriate buyer persona will align you to adapt your messages to their specific needs.  A buyer person is a depiction of your ideal customer based on real research that can include demographics, thought process, goals, and motivational factors.

Develop your goals and Key Performance Indicators

 There are a variety of outcomes that come from valuable marketing campaigns that can include visibility leads, sales, or visitors.  The objective here is to find a primary purpose, and set goals or key performance indicators that will allow you to see how your campaign is performing.  This will help you readjust your strategies, and help provide you with a better end result.  If, for instance, you are concentrating on lead generation, what would be the total amount of leads to generate, and how will you measure successful results?

Create an Enticing Offer

During your marketing campaign, it is imperative to offer a quality piece of content, a free white paper, free webinar, or something related to your brand.  The offers must pertain to the buyers or prospects to gain their attention, and eventually win them over. It might be better to keep it short and simple when promoting your offer.  For instance, a prospect may not be interested in reading a 20-page free white paper.

Find the right marketing channel

 You can have all the knowledge in the world, but not messaging it to the right channels could end in a disastrous campaign.  It is important to identify the appropriate marketing channels for a better success rate.  Some of the media platforms that are ideal include:

-Social media outlets


-Web sites


-Search Engines


Having the right channels and strategy is vital for optimal sales growth.  Channel relates to the style of communication, and social media strategy pertains to the way you share communication through these social media outlets.

Create a Valuable Landing Page

As you pay for advertising, generating a targeted landing page for each campaign helps your visitor concentrate on their goals and desires.  It is important to make sure your landing page is in line with your ad in content and design so your prospect feels a connection, and a need to sign up for the offer.  Here are few ways that your landing page can stand out from the crowd:

-Build trust

-Conquer objections

-Provide Proof

-Lead the visitor to your call to action

Measure Results

 Your results can be measured by the outcome of your sales or leads.  In general, you can measure goals by cost per lead, or how you spend the money on lead generation.  You can also track your results by marketing efforts and closed deals by using marketing software.  One of the most effective ways to measure your results in a quality marketing campaign is by asking the following questions:

-Was your target audience satisfied with the offer?  If they weren’t satisfied, what you can do to alter the offer?

-What can you do to change the next campaign?

-Were you able to meet your goals?  Why or Why not?

-What were the learning experiences you learned to apply for the next campaign?

Establishing a quality marketing plan is not something you do overnight.  It takes determination, persistence, and the right planning.  Are you ready to boost ROI?


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