Beautiful Blogging: An Integral Part of Consumer Marketing

Discovering effective marketing campaigns is an exciting part of building new business. With the rise of the sports and nutrition industry, it’s important to “stay in the game.”

How can you “stay in the game” with quality marketing?

In the past, marketing was done within the department. In today’s world, social media is a key ingredient when trying to build new business. Online messaging such as blogging allows you to market cheaply.

Connecting with social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter allows for an effective online presence.

How do consumers find their products?

About 80% of consumers have said they have found their products by word of mouth, 79% use search engines, 71% use TV ads, 51% use physical advertisements, 51% use mail ads, and another 41% use web browsing.

This shows that bloggers are being relied on to spread the word about products. You want to have consumers sign up for free offers as an incentive to have them blog.

When they sign up, you can get their information and find out what they typically purchase. This will give you an edge on most consumer-driven companies.

If you can do this consistently, sales for your company will increase. You can also give bloggers other incentives such as promotional items.  With an online presence, consumers will be impressed by your ability to meet their needs.

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