As an experienced writer for 10 years,  I have numerous Natural Health and Sports Nutrition copywriting samples.  My desire for natural health and sports nutrition is conveyed through my writing.

I always strive to tackle a variety of projects, and I love taking risks and being able to challenge myself as a copywriter.  I truthfully enjoy writing for the Natural Health and Sports Nutrition niche, and creating quality samples to boost ROI is my top priority.

My experience as a natural health marketing specialist, personal trainer, and sports coach, allows me to deliver quality copy to improve business growth for Natural Health and Sports Nutrition supplement companies.  As a former manager of a business, I’ve created numerous marketing plans,  and my goals are always to improve lead generation, and increase ROI.

Whether it’s Direct Response Copywriting or Indirect Response Copywriting, enhancing a faster response time for natural health and sports nutrition companies is vital. I’ve written and increased sales for well-known companies such as Weider Nutrition and Oxigenesis.

The ability to create a valuable marketing scheme for top natural health and sports nutrition brand companies can be seen through my copywriting samples.  If you would like to learn more about me, please go to my Bio page.   My Case Studies page on my Web site also demonstrates how I can help you deliver fast, quality results.

You can view my samples below to get a better idea of how I work.  These are just a few samples, but if you want to see more natural health and sports nutrition examples, I’m more than happy to provide those for you.



Vi-tae More Than Clean Blackhead Remover_AmazonProductDescription

Vi-tae No Worries Be Happy Bath Salt_Amazon Product Description

Vi-tae Organic Anti-Cellulite Soap_Amazon Product Description

Vi-tae Organic Coconut Oil_Amazon Product Description

Nootropimax – Landing Page



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BabyBoomerFatigueSolved_LandingPage_Jarrow Formulas

ZandaTechnologies_New Time Release Fiber_PressRelease

Radio Script_Enercru

HP Life Science_CitrusBergamot_Article

NSM_Press Release

Rapid Nutrition_SystemLs Greens Organic Superfood_LandingPage 



InfiniteLabs_Muscle-Media-Magazine_Article_Rope Exercises_P. 6



Bogdana Corporation_Article

IkkumaLIMITLESS_BrainSupplement_Email Marketing


Top Promotional Offers Of The Nutrition Industry_White Paper


Web content_ProteinCo_New Zealand Whey Protein

Web Content_ProteinCo_Premium Weight Gainer

Web ContentProductDescriptionPART2_ProteinCo_Premium Weight Gainer



Blog_Lumos Energy Strips




SEO Article

Blog on Post-Workout Nutrition